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Online Learning

Online Learning

 License, Registration, and the SkillSoft Catalog


Online Learning Certificate Programs

Not only can you take individual online courses but you can also register for online certificate programs. A certificate program is a series of online courses with a concentration in a single topic.

Workforce Development Competencies

Workforce development competencies are job-based skills employees need in order to succeed across a wide variety of occupations. The Partnership has identified a set of standards to serve as a reference for employees and supervisors in selecting courses that are relevant to professional and personal development and are supportive of agency missions and efforts.

Get Help - Technical Support

Solutions for Common Online Learning Errors

No Classes Available Error - If you see this error when trying to take classes for an online learning certificate program, it means you must first register for the online learning certificate program. Learn how to register for a certificate program (PDF).

Not Authorized to Access Error - If you see this error while using SLMS, the simplest solution is to not use the Internet Explorer browser when you access SLMS. The best browser to use is Google Chrome. If you don't have it on your computer now, submit a ticket to ITS to have it installed.

Online Learning Help:

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