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Your Education Dreams Made Affordable

Save Money on Tuition and Exam Fees
Tuition Benefits

Tuition Benefits Program

Unlock a world of possibilities with your tuition benefits. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to upgrading your skills and achieving your dreams! Explore your options today and take the first step toward achieving your full potential.



Discover Your Benefits

Our program is designed to help you save on tuition and exam fees in pursuit of a college degree, essential skills, or job-specific certifications.

Save Money on Tuition

Tap into our network of over 140 educational providers to help pay for course tuition upfront using vouchers. 

Reclaim Tuition and Exam Costs

Get reimbursed for eligible exams and course tuition.

Prepare for NYS Workforce Needs

Get trained for a high-demand career field in NYS while saving more on tuition.

Master the Basics

Get financial support to improve your basic knowledge, whether you want to improve your English skills, get your high school diploma, or prepare for other courses. 

Save on Certification and Licensure Costs

In today's job market, keeping up with certifications and licenses is crucial. Our program covers eligible exam fees, ensuring you have the necessary credentials to succeed in your field.

Start College With More Credit

Earn college credits by passing exams and save on tuition fees. We'll reimburse you for all eligible exams so you can start college with more credits.


Two Standard Benefits

Get help paying for your course tuition using vouchers at one of our providers, or opt for reimbursement. Coverage limits apply. 

Unlimited Exam Reimbursement

You can receive reimbursement for an unlimited number of eligible exams, which can help you earn college credits or obtain certifications and licenses.


Two Targeted Tuition Benefits

You may qualify for additional tuition savings through enrollment in college preparation courses or eligible career training programs in high-demand fields in NYS.  

Get Started Today

Apply by March 31, 2025 

Apply for eligible courses and exams taken between April 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025. You can apply even if you have not completed the course/exam. 

find a school provider

Find a Provider

Discover over 140 educational providers where you can use our tuition vouchers. 


connect with an advisor

Connect With an Advisor

Get free and confidential advice on how to get the most out of your tuition benefits. 

apply now

Apply Now

Reduce the stress of paying for tuition and exams, and apply today. 

Tuition Benefits Guide

Find Everything You Need to Know About Tuition Benefits

Get all the information you need to maximize your tuition benefits. 


tuition benefites



Our Impact

We've helped countless CSEA-represented NYS employees pay for their education costs in more affordable ways. We accomplished the following in the last contract period (2016-2021) alone.

paid benefits

$24 million

In Tuition Benefits Paid 

benefits issued


Tuition Benefits Issued



Employees Supported


Everything has changed. My entire career trajectory transformed with the Partnership's help. I was able to complete my paralegal certificate. I registered for one course at a time while I worked full-time as a clerk with the Department of Labor. Tuition reimbursement greatly helped with my education costs. I could not have completed the certificate program without the financial help of the Partnership. I have learned new skills and obtained a new position as a legal assistant within state service. I went from a grade 9 to a grade 13 within a three-year period. 

- Legal Assistant 2 with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation



Educational Advisement Services Get free and confidential advice on how to get the most out of your tuition benefits

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Program Associate for Tuition Benefits Jude Fitch Get information about our providers

Phone (800) 253-4332

Program Associate for Tuition Benefits Chris Dinardo Get information on benefits, certifications, examinations, and reimbursement

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