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Tuition Benefits

for CSEA-represented NYS Employees
Tuition Benefits Tuition Benefits for Executive Branch Employees

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The Tuition Benefits Program provides educational benefits to CSEA-represented NYS employees, enabling them to achieve greater career mobility, qualify for promotional opportunities, improve job skills, and prepare for future state workforce needs.

Your Success is Our Success.



Are you a CSEA-represented NYS employee (ASU, ISU, OSU, or DMNA) receiving a NYS paycheck or a CSEA-represented NYS employee who has been laid off in the past year and is on a Civil Service Preferred List? You may be eligible for Tuition Benefits. Find out more here.


Many schools have specific requirements you must meet before registering for a course. Learn more about how to seek academic advisement.

Course Criteria

Learn more about course criteria before applying.

Types of Benefits
Tuition Coverage Limits

The 2023-2024 Tuition Benefits Program provides two standard benefits (tuition vouchers OR tuition reimbursements), an unlimited number of Credit-by-Examination Fee Reimbursement benefits, and an unlimited number of Certification and Licensure Examination Fee Reimbursement benefits. Learn more about tuition coverage limits.

Applying for Your Benefits

Learn how to apply for tuition benefits.

Using Your Tuition Benefits

How to Use a Tuition Benefit

Learn how to use and receive your tuition voucher or reimbursement.

Changing, Dropping, and Canceling a Benefit or Course

If you want to attend a school other than your original choice, drop a course, or cancel a benefit, learn how to make a change. 

Applying for Your Benefits

Participating Voucher Schools 

Find schools that participate in the Partnership's Tuition Voucher Program to pay for your course! The school name, school code (required on the application form), and contact information are included for each participating school. You must use the correct Partnership school code, the three-digit code listed above the name or office of the school contact, on your application. Some vouchers are only for certain types of courses.

View a list of schools that participate in the Tuition Voucher Program.

Credit-by-Exam Fee Reimbursement for CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and Excelsior University Exams

Credit-by-Exam allows members to demonstrate college-level knowledge by taking an exam to earn college credits without attending a class for a semester or term. Credit-by-Exam reimbursements are in addition to your two standard tuition benefits. Learn more about how to receive an exam reimbursement.

Certification and Licensure Exam Fee Reimbursement

Certification and Licensure Exams lead to a certification or licensure for an occupation within NYS service. Certification and Licensure Exam reimbursements are in addition to your two vouchers or two reimbursements. Learn about how to receive an exam reimbursement.



Additional Information

Other Financial Aid

If enrolled in a college degree or certification program, you may be eligible for state or federal student financial aid.  Find out more!

Important Tax Information
Learn more about possible taxable events involving your benefit.
Educational Advisement Services

Partnership advisors are available to help eligible CSEA-represented NYS employees understand the Tuition Benefits Program, and other resources to further your education. Find out how.

Education Guides: A Resource for NYS Employees

This series of handouts focus on topics that are useful for educational planning and career development. 

View handouts that can assist with your educational planning and career development.

Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Many colleges offer assistance to students who have physical or learning disabilities. If you have a disability and are interested in taking courses, call (800) 253-4332 (Option 1), email [email protected], or check the appropriate box on the tuition benefits application form. You may also call the tuition benefits provider directly to arrange for services. We suggest you do this as soon as possible.


StateJobsNY is a service provided by the NYS Office of Employee Relations. This website allows current state employees to identify transfer and promotional opportunities and allows state agencies to publicize their vacancies to this specialized market.

Application and Catalog


    Tuition Benefits Program Application Form

    Download and save the fillable Tuition Benefits Application Form (PDF) to your computer first and then fill it out. Do not complete the form within your web browser or your data will not be saved. Use the sample application as a model.