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Tuition Benefits Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Provider Directory

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How to Read School Codes

Types of Credits 

  • (N) - Non-Credit Courses
  • (U) - Undergraduate Credit Courses
  • (G) - Graduate Credit Courses
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Undergraduate Schools (U)

Undergraduate schools accept vouchers for undergraduate credit courses. Undergraduate credit courses are offered at community colleges and universities, where college credit is awarded upon course completion. Students taking undergraduate credit courses must usually possess a high school diploma or high school equivalency and often take courses to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Non-Credit Schools (N)

Non-credit schools accept vouchers for non-credit courses. Non-credit courses are generally offered at BOCES or college continuing education departments. Non-credit courses do not award college credits but sometimes award continuing education units (CEUs).

Graduate Schools (G)

Graduate schools accept vouchers for graduate courses. Most schools will not allow students to register for graduate courses unless they possess a bachelor’s degree.

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Two Ways to Apply

To make the application process as seamless as possible, you may apply using the best method for you. 


1. Call Us 

Call (800) 253-4332 Option 1 to complete your application over the phone with our advisement team.


2. Apply via Email, Mail, or Fax  

Submit your application via email, fax, or mail:

  • Email: Send the completed application to [email protected].
  • Fax: (518) 486-1989
  • Mail: NYS & CSEA Partnership, Corporate Plaza East - Suite 502, 240 Washington Ave. Ext., Albany, NY 12203. Applications sent via postal mail must be received (not postmarked) by March 31.

Download our application form (PDF) to complete it on your own time. 

Type or print legibly and complete all required form fields. 

You can expect a response within ten business days. If you do not hear from us by this time, please call us at (800) 253-4332 Option 1 or email [email protected].

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