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Online Learning Certificate Programs

Take a Series of Online Courses with a Concentration in a Single Topic
Online Learning Certificate Programs

Earn a Certificate, Gain a Competitive Edge

Earning a certificate is a great way to show employers you're serious about your professional development. It can also prepare you to advance your career or gain the extra knowledge you need to stay competitive in your current position.

All learning takes place in the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS). 

Six-Month Certificate Programs

Apply by July 15, 2024. You must complete all required courses by July 16, 2024, to earn a certificate. 

These two programs DO NOT count as alternatives to in-person courses required for the Administrative Assistant Traineeship.

Basics of Supervision Icon

Basics of Supervision

SLMS Code: P_BOS24
Gain an understanding of the responsibilities involved in being a supervisor.

Microsoft Excel Icon

Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate

SLMS Code: P_MEI24
Explore formatting, data manipulation, and formula usage.

Full Year Certificate Programs

Apply by February 10, 2025. You must complete all required courses successfully by February 11, 2025, to earn a certificate. 

These programs serve as an alternative to the in-person courses required for the state's Administrative Assistant Traineeship.

Customer Service Icon

Customer Service

SLMS Code: P_CS24
Get useful tips and strategies for working effectively with customers.

Microsoft Word Icon

Microsoft Word 2016 Basics

Enhance your knowledge in this popular computer application. 

Successful Business Writing Icon

Successful Business Writing

SLMS Code: P_SBW24
Gain the skills you need to produce well-written documents. 

Organized Office Worker Icon

The Organized Office Worker

SLMS Code: P_OOW24
Discover strategies to better manage and take control of your time. 

Two Step Registration Process

To participate, you must follow a two-step registration process.

The process varies for CSEA-represented NYS employees and Management/Confidential NYS employees. Follow the steps below to get started. 

Step 1

CSEA-represented NYS employees

You must first apply for a "Partnership Online Learning License Program" (SLMS Code: P_OL_Program) in SLMS. It may take up to five days to process your request. 

NYS Management/Confidential Employees

You must have access to an Empire KnowledgeBank license in SLMS to participate in a certificate program. Contact your agency training director for more information. 

Step 2

Register for a Certificate Program

Once you have the appropriate license, you can access all of the courses in the certificate program. To search and register for a certificate program, enter the relevant code in SLMS.

What To Expect


All courses are available online in SLMS so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere. Participation at work requires supervisory approval. 

New Skills and Knowledge

With access to an extensive collection of online courses, books, and videos, you'll gain new skills and knowledge you can apply to your job and personal life. 

A Competitive Edge

Earning a certificate demonstrates your motivation to learn and your understanding of the content area. Showcase your achievement in your resume, portfolio, and at job interviews. 

Need Help? 

Make sure you’re visiting the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) using Google Chrome. If you don't have the internet browser on your computer now, submit a ticket to ITS to have it installed. 

You will not be able to access any of the courses in the certificate program until you have followed the two-step registration process noted above. Please allow up to five business days for license approval. New state employees typically won’t get access to SLMS until after their first paycheck. 

Still need help? Contact us at (800) 253-4332 or email [email protected].