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Partnership Online Learning License

Partnership Online Learning License and Registration


Online learning opportunities are available to CSEA-represented NYS employees in the Statewide Learning Management System through a Partnership Online Learning License.

Participating employees will have access to a library of e-learning courses relating to a wide range of professional development topics such as business writing, communication, organization skills, and problem solving. The library also includes extensive computer skills and information technology courses such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Programming Skills, and Web Design. The library also includes digital books and training videos.

Employees who register for a license have access to the entire library of e-learning courses for a period of approximately one year. An Internet connection is required.


The Online Learning program is open to all CSEA-represented NYS employees who register for a "Partnership Online Learning License" (SLMS Code: P_OL_Program) in the the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS). Licenses will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If demand for licenses exceeds the number of available licenses, a waiting list will be maintained.

Partnership Online Learning Licenses

An employee will register for a license through SLMS. No approval is required to use your license at home. However, supervisory approval is required to participate in the Online Learning program during work hours.  

Agencies may restrict courses taken during work hours to those that are job-related and/or career-related. Before registration, it is suggested that an employee have a conversation with their supervisor regarding participation in the program to clarify acceptable time limits for participation during work hours, restrictions on the types of courses to be taken during work hours, and the possibility to participate on-site during non-work hours. The development of an agency-wide, office-wide, or facility-wide guidelines on the number of hours that may be provided for participation during work hours is an appropriate topic for labor-management discussion.  

Additionally, a supervisor may withdraw permission to participate in the program during work hours for various reasons, including, but not limited to: time and attendance abuse, inappropriate use of the license or work computer, or due to operational needs. An employee whose permission to access courses at work is withdrawn may continue to access courses at home during non-work hours.

Restrictions on Use

  • Denials of requests for an online learning license or specific requests to access e-learning at work are not grievable.
  • Employees using the license at work must comply with any agency internet acceptable use policies.
  • Employees may not use paid or compensatory overtime to access courses.
  • Employees may not share or transfer their license to another employee.
  • The Partnership retains the right to reassign licenses not accessed within 30 days of registration.

EKB and Skillsoft eBook and Video Portal

Eligible employees with the appropriate license can access thousands of books or videos in the EKB and Skillsoft eBook andVideo Portal.

Technical Support

If you still need help after reading the following solutions to some of the most common problems in SLMS, please call us at (518) 486-7814 or email [email protected]

No Classes Available Error 

If you don't have the appropriate license, you will get this message. For CSEA-represented NYS employees, you must first apply for a Partnership Online Learning License while M/Cs must have access to an agency EKB license. Learn how to register for a certificate program (PDF).

Not Authorized to Access Error 

Make sure you’re visiting SLMS using Google Chrome. If you don't have the internet browser on your computer now, submit a ticket to ITS to have it installed. 

Pending Approval

Please allow up to five business days for the Partnership to approve your online learning license.