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Supervisor Information for Summer Webinars


Participant Eligibility

Employees are eligible to participate in webinars if they are: 

  • A CSEA-represented NYS employee (ASU/02, OSU/03, ISU/04, or DMNA/47).
  • A CSEA-represented employee working in a local government, school district, state authority, or the private sector, as space permits.
  • Select PS&T and M/C employees serving a probationary period in a transition title or traineeship supported by the Partnership are eligible to attend the webinars, as space permits. 
  • An NYS employee in a Management/Confidential (MC/06) clerical or secretarial title as space permits. 

Supervisory Approval to Attend

Employees Who Enroll Through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS)

Supervisory approval is required for employees to participate in webinars. 

When your employee applies for a webinar, you will receive an email notification from  [email protected] with the message: Your approval is required to confirm the following enrollment request. The employee's name will also appear in the email. 


Employees Who Enroll Through the Partnership

If an employee is unable to enroll through SLMS, they may complete the Partnership's Summer Webinar application form. A supervisory signature is required on the application form.

Release Time

When you approve an employee's enrollment, you grant the employee release time to attend the entire webinar without charge to leave credits.

If several employees in your unit are interested in the same webinar, please approve only employees you are willing to send for the entire webinar.

Participant Responsibilities