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Information for Supervisors

Information for Supervisors

Help Employees Develop Their Job Skills 

The contracts between the State and CSEA recognize a commitment to increased productivity, upward career mobility, and general employee development through education and training opportunities and quality of work life. Article 14 encourages agencies to give employees time to participate in Partnership programs and distribute training opportunities equitably.

As a supervisor, one of your responsibilities is to help employees improve their job performance. Partnership programs can enhance employee job skills to help meet the goals of your agency and department. 

Support Learning with Workforce Development Competencies

Research shows that specific basic skills or competencies are linked to employee success in most occupational titles. Understanding what these competencies are and how they contribute to employee development can help you find opportunities to increase the productivity and performance of your employees. Visit the Workforce Development Competencies page to read more about competencies and their descriptions.

Workforce Development Competencies help supervisors think about an employee's skills and knowledge to perform a job and then match those needs with the courses available through the Partnership's Skills for Success program. 

Workforce Development Competencies have also been identified for online learning certificate programs. To learn more about these competencies, visit the Online Learning Certificate Programs page.

Learn more about the benefits of competencies by exploring the resources below:

What Supervisors Shared About Partnership Training

The Partnership's Adult Education Basics Program (AEB) is designed to help employees learn new skills, improve performance at work, meet and understand job requirements, prepare for college courses, enhance self-esteem and motivation, and improve life skills.








The Applied Skilled Trades Program (ASTP) is a two-year training and development program that provides employees with classroom and hands-on training in the Carpenter, Electrician, Mason and Plasterer, and Plumber and Steamfitter trades. The ASTP was created to help agencies develop a highly skilled workforce and a larger pool of qualified candidates for future journey-level vacancies.