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In-Person Training

For the Administrative Assistant Traineeship
Administrative Assistant Traineeship Administrative Assistant Traineeship - In-Person Training

In-Person Training

In-person mandatory and elective courses are available through the NYS & CSEA Partnership’s Skills for Success program. These courses are offered in the spring and fall catalogs, and classes are held statewide. Eligible employees can enroll in courses through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS).

Employees are eligible to participate in Skills for Success in-person courses if they are:

  • CSEA-represented New York State (NYS) employees (ASU/02, OSU/03, ISU/04, or DMNA/47).
  • CSEA-represented employees working in a local government, school district, state authority, or the private sector, as space permits.
  • NYS employees (previously in the ASU/02) serving a probationary period in a transition title or traineeship supported by the Partnership (MC/06 or PS&T/05) may attend courses in interpersonal communication, math skills, work management, and writing skills categories, as space permits.
  • NYS employees in a Management/Confidential (MC/06) clerical or secretarial title, as space permits.