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Online Training

For the Administrative Assistant Traineeship
Administrative Assistant Traineeship Administrative Assistant Traineeship - Online Training

Online Training

Mandatory Training -

Trainees can participate in self-paced online learning certificate programs to complete their mandatory training. CSEA-represented NYS employees (ASU/02, OSU/03, ISU/04, or DMNA/47) may do this through the NYS & CSEA Partnership’s Online Learning Program. Learn how to register for Partnership online learning certificate programs. All other employees should view the Administrative Assistant Traineeship FAQ to learn about alternative online options.

Elective Training - 

Trainees can participate in live instructor-led webinar classes to complete their elective training through the Skills for Success program. Webinars are available through the Skills for Success catalog three times a year (spring, summer, and fall). Eligible employees can enroll in courses through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS).

Any Trainee with access to SLMS can also enroll in recorded versions of the Partnership’s elective webinar classes and receive credit for viewing them. Trainees without access to SLMS can view recordings of the elective webinars on the Partnership’s Recorded Webinar page.

Note: It is up to the agency to attest that a recording that is viewed anywhere other than SLMS was completed.