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Submit a Joint Worksite Training Request

For NYS managers and CSEA leaders

NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

Meeting the personal and professional development needs of employees can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can take advantage of our comprehensive education and training services. By doing so, you can facilitate employee development, create a productive work environment, and drive positive outcomes within your agency.

How it Works

  1. NYS and CSEA leaders should jointly assess the workforce development and training needs of the CSEA-represented NYS employees at your agency/facility or worksite. 
  2. Search the Partnership Course Catalog to determine if there is an existing offering that meets your needs. If you're unable to find a match, please contact us to discuss your specific agency or workforce needs and find out if we can provide a custom training solution. Email [email protected] or call (518) 486-7814. 
  3. Complete and submit a joint Worksite Training Application. Be sure to include signatures from the CSEA Local President and NYS management representative.  


Worksite Training Application Form

Download, complete and return the application form to us via mail, email, or fax.  


    Worksite Training Application

    New York State managers and CSEA leaders can jointly request to bring Partnership courses to their agency or facility worksites. The  Partnership course catalog contains more than 100 courses in the following categories: Adult Education Basics; Computer Skills; Individual Development; Interpersonal Communication; Labor-Management Services; Language Skills; Math Skills; Safety and Health; Trades, Operations, and Maintenance; Work Management; and Writing Skills.