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Tuition Coverage Limits


The 2023-2024 Tuition Benefits Program Provides: 

  • Two standard benefits - Tuition Vouchers OR Tuition Reimbursements.

  • An unlimited number of Credit-by-Examination Fee Reimbursement benefits.

  • An unlimited number of Certification and Licensure Examination Fee Reimbursement benefits. 

A single tuition benefit (voucher OR reimbursement) can cover: 

  • Tuition for ONE credit-bearing course, up to a maximum of four credits at the resident tuition per credit rate, is not to exceed $305 per credit. Please Note: A voucher will cover the full tuition, up to four credits, for an undergraduate course at a participating private college provider. 

  • Tuition for ONE non-credit course up to $1,220.

  • ONE Excelsior University fee up to a maximum of $1,220.

Two tuition benefits (tuition vouchers OR tuition reimbursements) can be combined and used for: 

  • One non-credit course that is more than $1,220.  

  • One credit-bearing course that is more than four credits. 

  • One Excelsior University fee that costs more than $1,220. 

Tuition costs over the maximum provided are the student's responsibility. All fees and other expenses are also the student's responsibility.