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NYS CSEA Partnership for Education and Training Logo Tution Benefits Program 2021-2021

If you want to attend a school other than the one for which you were originally approved, or change the benefit type, return the original approval form by December 31, 2021, with the "Changing Schools or Benefit Type" section completed on the back of the form. If you no longer have the original approval form, contact the Partnership at (518) 486-7814 (Press Option 1) or (800) 253-4332 (Press Option 1) for other instructions on changing schools or benefit type. Please note that changing schools or benefit type can be approved only if no charges were incurred against the original benefit (voucher OR reimbursement approval).

Changing courses does not require prior approval from the Partnership if the new course meets the course criteria.

If you register for a course but withdraw within the school's 100% refund period (if one is available), the Partnership will not be required to pay for your participation in the course and your tuition benefit may still be valid for you to use at that school. Information regarding the availability, dates, and time periods for a 100% refund as well as information on a school's drop procedures can be obtained by contacting the school directly. If you drop your course outside the 100% refund period, the Partnership will pay the school as required, and the tuition benefit will be considered used.
Note: You must follow the schools refund policies.


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