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Workforce Development Competencies

Workforce development competencies are foundational job-based skills employees may need in order to succeed across a wide variety of occupations.


The Partnership explored current trends in work readiness and developed a set of standards to serve as a reference for employees and supervisors in selecting webinars that are relevant to professional and personal development and are supportive of agency missions. For more information on competency names and their corresponding icons and descriptions check out the Workforce Development Competencies list.

Each online course and webinar description will have a competency icon(s) assigned under it.


Online Courses and Webinars Designed for You

Skills for Success online courses and webinars help employees acquire the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish job assignments more effectively and provide personal development opportunities.

Employees should work with their supervisors to select online courses and webinars that are meaningful to their professional and personal growth.

The Partnership welcomes feedback about these online courses and webinars and ideas for new courses and webinars.

Other Online Learning Opportunities

The Online Learning Certificate Program is a series of online courses on a single topic that must be completed by a certain date.To participate in these online programs, learners must register for both the certificate program, and a Partnership Online Learning License. View all current online certificate programs.