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Participant Eligibility

Employees are eligible to participate in Skills for Success online courses and webinars if they are:

  • A CSEA-represented New York State (NYS) employee (ASU/02, OSU/03, ISU/04, or DMNA/47)

  • A CSEA-represented employee working in a local government, school district, state authority, or the private sector, as space permits

  • A NYS employee (previously in the ASU/02) serving a probationary period in a transition title or traineeship supported by the Partnership (MC/06 or PS&T/05) may attend online course or webinars in the adult education basics, computer skills, individual development, interpersonal communication, safety and health, trades, operations and maintenance, work management, writing skills categories.

  • A NYS employee in a Management/Confidential (MC/06) clerical or secretarial title as space permits

No Cost To Employees

Skills for Success online courses and webinars are offered at no cost to employees or agencies.




Acceptance Notification

Once your supervisor approves your enrollment in SLMS, your status will remain as Pending Approval until the Partnership approves your enrollment approximately three weeks before the start date. At that time, you will be sent a confirmation email.

If your supervisor denies your enrollment, you will be notified by email through SLMS.


If you enroll for an online course or webinar through SLMS, or by completing the Partnership's Skills for Success application form, and do not receive notification 10 days before the online course/webinar is scheduled, please call the Partnership at (518) 486-7814 or, for areas outside the Capital Region, (800) 253-4332.

Online Course and Webinar is Full Notification

If you are not accepted into an online course or webinar, you will be notified by email. We encourage you to reapply when the course is offered again.

Wait Lists

The Partnership will maintain a wait list for any online course or webinar that has reached its full enrollment in case a vacancy occurs. Waitlisted employees will be given advance notice and priority to register the next time the course is offered.

Additional Online Courses or Webinars

At times, additional online courses or webinars are scheduled due to high demand. Employees on waiting lists for these online courses or webinars will be contacted.

Date Changes

Occasionally, the Partnership must change a course or webinar date. Please read your email notification carefully.


If an online course or webinar is canceled, you will be notified by email. If there is no email address for you in SLMS, you will be notified by phone.