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Getting Started with Canvas

Are you taking one of the Partnership's online classes in Canvas? Maybe you're thinking about signing up but would like more information. Canvas is an online learning management system. You can think of it as your digital classroom! It's where you'll find course content such as participant guides and handouts and complete any homework assignments. The following resources can help you whether you are new to Canvas or just want to learn more.

Canvas First Steps

If you've been enrolled in a Canvas class, these are the first steps you should take to get ready before your class starts.

How to Be A Successful Canvas Learner

This document is full of tips to help you succeed and get the most from your Canvas class, including a quick explanation of the parts of a Canvas course.

Canvas Student Guide

A good companion to the Canvas Demonstration videos, the Canvas Student Guide provides step-by-step guidance with screenshots to help you create your account, log in, and complete homework assignments.

Canvas Webinar Attendee Quick Reference WebEx

A quick reference for attending your live WebEx lectures.

Canvas Training Videos