NYS & CSEA Safety & Health Committee

NYS & CSEA Safety & Health Committee

The NYS & CSEA Statewide Safety and Health Committee is a diverse group of people dedicated to improving workplace safety and health for New York State employees. The Committee's focus is on important workplace problems, conducting research, and finding solutions.

(Left to right) Guy Dugas (CSEA Inc), David Hill (NYSDOH), Robert Schultz (CSEA Inc), Mark Stipano (CSEA Inc), Jeannine Morell (Partnership), Karen Chase-Corcoran (Partnership), Heidi-Lynn Wagner (OPWDD), Barbara Boyle (SUNY), Evans Quamina (CSEA Local 0443-OPWDD), Nilda Palau-Lopez (CSEA Local 0412-OPWDD), Diane Burton (CSEA Local 0013-SIF), Matthew Kozak (CSEA Inc), Nicolas Reed (CSEA Inc), Edward Cottrell (GOER), Brian Thomas (GOER), Edward Zucskar (DEC), Keiffer Peralta (GOER), John LeFebvre (CSEA Local 0017-DEC), Robert Rafferty (OGS), Diana Sollohub (DOH), Blanca Gonzalez-Parker (Partnership).

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Updated: November 28, 2018