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The videos listed below allow you access to both training and promotional videos. The training videos are listed by topic and include Labor-Management, Safety and Health, and Archived Webinars. The promotional videos include two videos that promote a wide range of programs and services available to state agencies and CSEA-represented employees, as well as specific program promotional videos.

Training Videos by Topic Area

Partnership Promotional Videos

Labor-Management Video Training

Working Together: A Blueprint for Labor and Management
This series of eight training videos will help you discover how to structure a new committee or energize an existing one, develop an agenda and run effective meetings, and acquire strategies for developing positive committee relationships. For more information on Labor-Management Training and Services, visit the Labor-Management Services page.

Safety and Health Video Training
This video illustrates how labor and management can work together to implement a Safe Patient Handling Program. It is a real life example of a successful program at the NYS Veterans' Home at Batavia. For more information, visit the Safety and Health page.

Safe Patient Handling: Putting the Pieces Together (14:16) - Discover how to reduce employee injuries, lower workers' compensation costs, and increase morale.   

Archived Webinar Training
These webinars have been recorded as Internet videos. Recorded course topics include, but are not limited to; Best Practices for Resume and Interview Preparation, Designing Dynamic Power Point Presentations, Dealing with Stress, Using Credit Wisely, and Writing Effectively. Visit the Archived Webinars page to see a complete list of recorded webinars and to find out more about viewing archived webinar training.

Partnership Promotional Videos
These two videos promote the wide range of programs and services available to state agencies and CSEA-represented employees.

Programs and Services Accessed by CSEA-represented Employees

Programs and Services Available CSEA-represented Employees Video (3:12) - This video highlights programs that employees can access directly such as tuition benefits, online learning, adult education basics, and job skills training.

Programs and Services Accessed by NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

Programs and Services Accessed by NYS Managers and CSEA leaders (5:49) - This video highlights how NYS managers and CSEA leaders can jointly access to benefits their employees, including safety and health courses, grants programs, skilled trades training, and labor-management services.

Updated: March 17, 2017