Information for Supervisors

Information for Supervisors


As a supervisor, one of your many tasks is to encourage your employees to enhance their job skills to help meet the goals of your agency and department. Research shows that certain basic skills or competencies are linked to employee success in most occupational titles. Competencies also support the development of more advanced skills and relate to improvements in job performance. Understanding what these competencies are and how they contribute to employee development can help you find opportunities to increase the productivity and performance of your employees. Visit the Workforce Development Competencies page to read more about competencies and their descriptions.

The Workforce Development Competencies chart is designed to help supervisors think about the skills and knowledge an employee might need to perform a job, and then match those needs with the courses available through the Partnership's Skills for Success program. Visit the Foundational Competency Chart to locate Partnership courses in your area.

You can also visit the Online Learning Competency Chart to learn more about the competencies associated with the Partnership's online certificate programs.

To learn more about research being done in the area of workforce development, review the resources listed below.

Updated: July 9, 2019