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    Optional Learning Opportunities

    Want to learn more? The Organized Office Worker Certificate Program ends on February 4, 2022. However, you can continue improving your supervisory skills any time you like. In fact, research shows that if you space your learning activities on a topic over time, you'll get more out of your learning experience and remember it longer - so extend your learning with these suggested activities. Unlike your 15 required online courses, these activities are optional and do not need to be completed to receive your certificate.

    Digital Books and Videos

    Empire Knowledgebank (EKB) and Skillsoft eBooks and Videos Portal - This site gives you access to thousands of free digital books and videos. You must register (or already be registered) for a Partnership Online Learning License to access these digital books and videos. For more information, you can check out Using the EKB and Skillsoft eBook and Video Portal how-to guide.

    Recommended Reading

    - How to Organize Yourself (audio book), by John Caunt

    - How to Organize Yourself, Fifth Edition, by John Caunt

    - Influence Without Authority, Second Edition, by Allan R. Cohen, and David L. Bradford

    - Successful Time Management: How to be Organized, Productive and Get Things Done, by Patrick Forsyth

    - Time & Stress Management for Rookies, by Frances Kay

    - Time Management in a Week: How to Manage your Time in Seven Simple Steps, by Robert Ashton

    Recommended Videos

    - Choosing What Not To Do (4:00), by Murli Thirumale

    - Tame the Email Beast (2:00), by Lisa Bodell

    - The Secret to Ultra Productivity (2:00), by Travis Bradberry

    - Time Management: The Root Cause of Procrastination (3:00), by Dan Ariely

    - Time Management: The Six Box List (3:00), by Peter Bregman


    Skills for Success Courses - These classes are offered by the Partnership and are open to all CSEA-represented NYS employees. Please visit the Partnership Courses page and then click on the "Skills for Success" catalog for more information about these classes. Webinar classes can be taken from any computer with a connection to the Internet. You can also view recordings of webinar classes.

    Recommended Courses

    - Getting Organized: Time, Tasks, and Life (webinar)

    - Influencing with Confidence

    - Microsoft Outlook 2016: Managing Contacts and Tasks (webinar)

    - Microsoft Outlook 2016: Organizing and Managing Your Email (webinar)

    - Microsoft Outlook 2016: Working with Calendars (webinar)

    - Professionalism in the Digital Age (webinar)

    - Successful Business Writing

    - Take Control of Your Time (webinar)

    - The Organized Office Worker

    - Writing Effectively (webinar)

    - Writing Effectively (webinar)

    YouTube Videos

    - 3 Awesome Tricks to Tame Your Inbox - Learn It in a Minute (1:59)

    - How to Improve Your Concentration and Focus at Work (2:06)

    - How to Organize Yourself at Work: Getting Your Desk and Work Organized (1:58)

    - Time, It's All About Choices with BethAnne Kronick (3:35)


    The Organized Office Worker Online Certificate Self-Assessment - Take this self-assessment before you begin and then again after you complete the program to measure your growth.


    Not sure if you are registered already or need help? Contact us at (518) 486-7814 or (800) 253-4332 (for areas outside the Capital Region) or email OnlineLearningHelp@nyscseapartnership.org.

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