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    Course Descriptions

    The following self-paced online courses are provided by Skillsoft and will be available to you through the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS) once you have registered for this Certificate program and a Partnership Online Learning License.

    Required Courses (must complete all eight)

    Working With The Interface and Performing Basic Tasks In Word 2016 - 1.0 hour

    Formatting Text in Word 2016 - 1.2 hours

    Customizing Options and Using Document Views in Word 2016 - .7 hours

    Creating and Formatting Tables in Word 2016 - .5 hours

    Headers, Footers, Page Numbering, and Layout in Word 2016 - .7 hours

    Using the Navigation Pane and Creating Lists in Word 2016 - .5 hours

    Using Illustrations, Styles, and Themes in Word 2016 - 1.0 hour

    Designing and Formatting Illustrations in Word 2016 - .9 hours


    Not sure if you are registered already or need help? Contact us at (518) 486-7814 or (800) 253-4332 (for areas outside the Capital Region) or email OnlineLearningHelp@nyscseapartnership.org.

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