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The L-M Resource Center is designed to assist you with the labor-management process.

Labor-Management FAQs

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Labor-Management Services

Labor-Management Video Training

Learn to develop new labor-management committees, strengthen existing committees, or develop workplace strategies for challenging issues.

Labor-Management Courses and Facilitation Services

Labor-Management Committee Training - Provides customized training for both new and experienced committee members that emphasizes building communication and problem-solving skills unique to the labor-management committee environment.

Consultation and Facilitation Services - Assists labor and management representatives in developing skills that promote effective and cooperative interaction.

Labor-Management Video Training


Working Together: A Blueprint for Labor and Management
This series of eight training videos will help you learn to structure a new committee or energize an existing one, develop an agenda and run effective meetings, and give you strategies for developing positive committee relationships.

The video collection is made possible by a grant from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in collaboration with the CSEA WORK Institute. For more details, visit the Labor-Management Videos page or visit the Partnership's YouTube Channel.

To arrange for labor-management services training programs at your agency/facility worksite, complete the Labor-Management Committee Application Form.

CSEA-represented NYS Employees, CSEA Leaders, and NYS Managers
Have you ever been asked to serve on a labor-management committee? Are you interested in what a labor-management committee is all about? Check out the Partnership's Online Learning courses: Labor-Management Committee Basics (which teaches techniques for working with a committee) and Working with the Contract (which helps you understand the NYS Contracts for CSEA-represented employees. To find out how to register view this quick overview.

Updated: November 16, 2020