Information for NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

Information for NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

Bring a Course or Service to Your Worksite, It's as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  • 1. Management and CSEA representatives jointly assess the workforce development and training needs of the agency/facility and its CSEA-represented NYS employees.
  • 2. Determine if there is an existing Partnership course, program, or service that meets the needs of the targeted audience. If the topic of interest is not listed, contact the Partnership to discuss your agency or workforce needs.
  • 3. Submit a joint Worksite Training Application [pdf] to the Partnership, signed by appropriate CSEA and management representatives.
  • Applied Skilled Trades Program Applied Skilled Trades Program - Applied Skilled Trades Traineeship and Certificate Program is a two-year training and development program that provides employees with classroom and hands-on training in the following skilled trades: carpenter, electrician, mason and plasterer, plumber and steamfitter, and refrigeration mechanic.
  • CoursesCourses - View a complete listing of all courses that may be brought to your worksite on request, or view current course offerings.

  • Field Staff Field Services - Contact your regional field staff person for information about Partnership programs and services.

  • Grants Grants - Quality of Work Life Grants can be used to improve the working conditions and quality of work life of CSEA-represented NYS employees. Labor-Management Workforce Development Grants address large scale issues in the workplace caused by reorganization, new technology, changing customer needs, new legal or regulatory requirements, or specialized employee job skills training needs. Safety and Health Grants offer an opportunity for New York State agencies/facilities and CSEA locals facing unique safety and health concerns to apply for grants.
  • Labor-Management Services Labor-Management Services - Provides customized training for both new and experienced committee members through committee development training and custom consultation and facilitation services.

  • Safety and Health Safety and Health- Gain Safety and Health knowledge that can help:
    reduce workplace injuries; meet OSHA/PESH regulations relating to workplace safety and health; broaden safety skills with practical exercises; and improve safety and security awareness on the job.

  • Targeted TuitionTargeted Tuition - Can be utilized by NYS agencies/facilities and CSEA locals to meet the training needs of a particular position or title. The program supports agency/facility workforce development and succession planning needs.

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Updated: October 18, 2019