Quality of Work Life Grants - Apply for a grant to purchase equipment for break rooms, conduct employee recognition programs, implement health and wellness projects, and improve working conditions.

Field Services

Field Services support the Partnership's mission in building effective labor-management relationships between agency/facility managers and CSEA leaders. Field staff are often the important first link for CSEA and management representatives seeking both information and assistance from the Partnership. Field staff promotes Partnership programs and services through presentations, meetings, and informational events. Field staff also assist with logistics, delivery, and follow-up activities related to Partnership training events.

Field staff can help agencies/facilities and CSEA locals prepare joint applications for Partnership grants and worksite training requests. They also establish and maintain inventory of all equipment purchased and placed through the Quality of Work Life Grants Program.

Field Staff Photo

Long Island Region 1 and Metropolitan Region 2
Victoria Pentaleri
Phone: (518) 419-8585

Southern Region 3 and Capital Region 4
Scott King
Phone: (845) 235-5058

Central Region 5 and Western Region 6
Myron DeFranco
Phone: (315) 251-0126