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  1. Working Together: A Blueprint for Labor and Management - This series of eight training videos will help you learn to structure a new committee or energize an existing one, develop an agenda and run effective meetings, and give you strategies for developing positive committee relationships.
  2. Agenda Development & Pre-Meeting Preparation [pdf] - Six steps to developing a workable agenda, including a new way of looking at meeting agendas: The Roadmap Agenda.
  3. Benefits of a Solid Working Labor-Management Relationship [pdf] - Eight important benefits of developing a collaborative labor-management committee.
  4. Brainstorming [pdf] - What is brainstorming and why is it important for labor-management committees? Four important benefits for using brainstorming to help problem solve labor-management committee issues.
  5. Characteristics of Successful Labor-Management Committees [pdf] - The success of labor-management committees is based on the strength of relationships between committee members. Learn about four essential characteristics of successful labor-management committees.
  6. Consensus [pdf] - 5 principles of consensus building -- a decision-making process used by committees to ensure everyone is in agreement with the final proposal.
  7. Functional Levels of Labor-Management Committees [pdf] - Whether your committee is forming or experienced, learn about the characteristics of each functional level.
  8. Labor-Management Committee Assessment [pdf] - An important step in developing a productive committee is assessing your current status. These 22 questions help guide you through the process.
  9. Labor-Management Committee Objectives [pdf] - Three key ingredients to a successful labor-management committee.
  10. Problem Solving [pdf] - A handy six-step guide to collaborative problem solving complete with Worksheets and Action Item Table.
  11. Running Effective Labor-Management Committee Meetings [pdf] - How do you manage a dynamic meeting? Learn about meeting roles, facilitating a productive meeting, and managing time.
  12. Sample Operating Agreement [pdf] - Creating a charter that is unique to your labor-management committee provides structure and clarity. We provide a useful template.
  13. Seven Common Barriers to Labor-Management Cooperation [pdf] - The "Seven Deadly Sins" that can derail productive labor-management committee relationships.
  14. Twelve Tips to Help Overcome Barriers to Labor-Management Cooperation [pdf] - Concise strategies for committee development and moving beyond roadblocks to collaboration.
  15. Understanding Each Others' Worlds [pdf] - Five questions that help you explore the differences and similarities between labor and management.
Updated: June 1, 2018