Now Available: Tuition Benefits Catalog 2014-2015

Tuition Benefits Catalog for Executive Branch Employees [pdf] [html]

Tuition Benefits Application Form [pdf]

Tuition Benefits Provider Training - Recorded Webinar

View the 2013-2014 Tuition Benefits Program Provider Training webinar. This recorded webinar is for participating providers of the Partnership's Tuition Benefits Program, and provides an overview of the administrative cycle, followed by a discussion of program basics and proper billing procedures. length: 56 min.

Visit the Partnership's archived webinars page to find out more about recorded webinars and how to view them.

Important Tuition Dates

Date Program Information
March 31, 2014 End of Tuition Benefits
'13-'14 Application Period
April 1, 2014 Start of Tuition Benefits
'14-'15 Application Period

Non-Executive Branch Tuition Catalogs

Health Research, Inc. Tuition Voucher Program 2014-2015 [pdf] - Tuition vouchers are described in this catalog along with directions for CSEA-represented employees of Health Research, Inc. on completing an application.

NYS Teachers' Retirement System Tuition Benefits Program 2014-2015 [pdf] - Tuition vouchers, tuition reimbursement, and credit-by-examination fee reimbursement are described in this catalog, along with directions for employees of the NYS Teachers' Retirement System on completing an application.

State University Construction Fund Tuition Benefits Program 2014-2015 [pdf] - Tuition vouchers and tuition reimbursement are described in this catalog, along with directions for CSEA-represented employees of the State University Construction Fund on completing an application.


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Tuition Benefits

Tuition Benefits

The Tuition Benefits Program can help you realize your educational and career goals through four components:

Tuition Vouchers - Payment for tuition at participating schools.

Tuition Reimbursement - Authorized repayment of tuition to students who successfully complete coursework at accredited schools.

Credit-By-Examination Fee Reimbursement - Unlimited reimbursement for credit-by-examination fees through CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and Excelsior College.

Certification and Licensure Examination Fee Reimbursement Program - Unlimited reimbursement for certification or licensure examination fees up to a maximum of $350.

Helpful Resources

Information for NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

Tuition Benefits Program Information for NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

Encourage your employees to take advantage of their tuition benefits to enhance their job skills and to prepare for future state workforce needs.

Get the word out with the Tuition Benefits promotional flyer.

Targeted Tuition Program - Can be used to meet the training needs of a particular position or title. The program supports agency and facility workforce development and succession planning needs. Targeted Tuition Program [pdf] benefits are issued to employees in positions or titles identified by agency and facility labor and management representatives and can be used when coursework or training programs satisfy:

  • Certification or licensing requirements
  • Educational requirements to take a New York State civil service exam
  • Educational requirements to complete a traineeship, or other specific job skills training

See a detailed description of tuition benefits options for CSEA-represented NYS employees.

Updated: March 6, 2014